Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Up & Comer: Nuveric’s PetaGys Powered by Oracle’s Solaris

The PetaGys Powered by Oracle Solaris integrates correctly-sized hardware and data protection software into a complete onsite backup, offsite cloud,  and business continuance solution. The appliance enables a fast and hassle-free setup of a comprehensive disaster recovery environment. The all-in-one solution fits perfectly for midsize IT environments with a strong support of virtualization.nuveric


Nuveric has created a turn-key data security services organization that assumes co-responsibility for a customer’s internal data security obligations. Based on individual company needs and potential financial exposure, Nuveric develops a custom actionable Data Security Systems, Procedures, Policy, Breech Detection, Remediation and Mitigation plan that meets or exceeds ISO 27001:2013, NIST, FISMA and FedRamp standards. Moreover, this system satisfies compliance needs for many industries such as HIPPA, SOX, etc.

For more information contact: Greg Graham or visit www.nuveric.com


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