Backup Exec 3600 Customers


On October 10, Symantec announced that they would stop selling the Symantec Backup Exec 3600 appliance.

In response, this promotion allows abandoned users to trade-up their existing BE3600 appliance to a comparable Recovery-Series Appliance for only the cost of support.

Why are we offering free hardware trade-ins?

Because we think that people who bought the BE3600 had the right idea – Purpose Built Backup Appliances (PBBAs) are simply a better approach to data protection than “build your own” software. We don’t want to see Symantec customers who made the right choice to upgrade to PBBAs have to go back to buying, integrating, monitoring, and managing separate server hardware, storage, networking, operating system, anti-virus, backup, retention, archiving, and other software.

Offer valid until December 15, 2014.

Trading up is easy. Start by completing this short registration form. A Unitrends backup specialist will then be in touch with appliance trade-up options and…

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