How To Sell Your Backup Strategy To Executives

Webinar: How To Sell Your Backup Strategy To Executives

Thu, Nov 15, 2012 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST

 CFOs are primarily responsible for managing financial risks, so it should be easy to sell effective backup strategies to them and other executives. While some executives grasp the link between data protection and the limitation of financial risk to the company, others see data protection as an unnecessary expense. 

That said, executives speak the underlying language of business continuity and disaster recovery: the active management of risk. In order to make the case for modern backup and disaster recovery to an executive, it’s important that you describe the benefits of effective backup strategies in a language that makes sense not only in financial terms, but also in terms of value and benefit to the organization.

Join Dr. Mark Campbell, Chief Strategy/Technology Officer at Unitrends, as he discusses today’s backup strategies and how to make the critical connection between backup, continuity, financial benefits and business resilience



2 thoughts on “How To Sell Your Backup Strategy To Executives

  1. The problem with getting a company to sign off on the cost of disaster recovery is rarely due to the fact top executives lack of understanding of the technology. The problem usually is due to the fact IT directors and IT managers know the technology but don’t understand the businesses application of the technology so they do a poor job selling disaster recovery.

    In todays world the IT department is the most important department in a company. IT pulls a company together it is like the nails in a house. You may have the wood, dry wall, siding, shingles for the roof, and all the other parts to build a house, but without nails you are not going to build anything.

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