Introducing the Industry’s First Tiered Storage Enterprise Appliance


The Unitrends’ Recovery-Series of backup, archiving and disaster recovery appliances provide next-generation data protection designed from the ground-up as a simple, all-in-one solution for small and medium businesses. Unitrends’ appliances enable businesses to focus on their business rather than on their backup through technology that is so sophisticated, it makes data protection simple. With the new Recovery-943, Unitrends has developed the industry’s first tiered storage high density enterprise class backup appliance. 

Recovery 943

•What is Tiered Storage?
–Tiered storage is a data storage environment consisting of two or more kinds of storage
–OS, Metadata and Backup stored on different drives

•First Recovery-series appliance that boasts of tiered storage
–Solid-state disks for operating systems (Unitrends system files)
–10K RPM disks for metadata (Unitrends database)
–7200 RPM disks for backup storage pool (backup data)

•First Recovery-series appliance with tiered redundancy
–RAID-1 (mirror) for operating system
–RAID-1 (mirror) for metadata
–RAID-60 for backup storage


This 4U form factor unit has 36 3TB drives configured in a RAID-60 to optimize redundancy and performance. Fault-tolerant two solid-state internal drives for the operating system in a mirrored configuration and high speed rotational hard drives for metadata in a mirrored setup, specifically designed to allow parallel commit of metadata and backup streams. The unit is configured with dual power supplies and hot-swap user-replaceable drives. Features like:

•Byte-level de-duplication, instant recovery using failover virtualization, encryption, and compression are standard

•Supports a maximum backup size of 50TB

•Unformatted usable physical storage capacity of 97TB

To check and see how Unitrends compares to your current solution:

For more information or to set up a technical demo, please give me a call at 949-709-1128 or email me at

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